directional boring machesney park il

Completing Your Geothermal System's Installation

Directional boring is required for your loop system in Machesney Park & Rockford, IL

When you're installing a geothermal loop system for your building, we'll complete the directional boring. This is done to place the tubes underground at depths ranging from 15 to 250 feet. Once the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing is installed, it's drilled into the building to connect it to the geothermal heating pump. While using specialized machines, the loop piping is inserted without disturbing the surface of the ground. Learn more about directional boring by contacting Synergy Heating and Cooling, Ltd. today.

Types of geothermal loops

There are different loops that can be used for your system, including:

Vertical loop

Installed straight up and down

Horizontal loop

Goes two to four feet down from the home, and approximately 15 feet out

Pond loop

Uses the pond as a point of temperature exchange

Open loop

Uses well water, which is used for outside work and sprinklers

Talk to the experts at Synergy Heating and Cooling, Ltd. to find out which loop system would be best on your property.